Saving money and the environment

REPOST was developed when we needed to fix our farms fencing problem.

Turns out our solution was even better than we thought – reducing timber waste from vineyards and a landfill problem in New Zealand. Now the viticulture industry and farmers can benefit by choosing REPOST’s affordable fence posts.

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Our Story

We needed 30km of stock fencing for our 500-hectare sheep and beef breeding farm in the Howard Valley on a tight budget. Our first thought was to look for discarded vineyard posts as my dad Allan had been refurbishing them for decades to use as fencing on his farms, selling to neighbouring farmers and friends as well.

We found a stockpile of posts at a local vineyard in Marlborough and spent days picking over the pile and loaded up the truck, returning to the farm to repurpose the tall vineyard posts into 1.8m quarter rounds – it was tiresome but rewarding work.

The posts are used on the steep hill country, rolling and river flats of the farm and they work well across all terrains; rocky, granite and clay soils. The posts helped to completely redesign the farm’s paddocks, maximising pasture use and accommodating all stock classes.

I was keen to see if there was a way to make this work on a bigger scale, particularly as we knew the viticulture industry dispose of 1000’s of tonnes of useful durable wood in to New Zealand’s landfills every year. A mutual friend put me in touch with Stu, viticulturalist for Villa Maria, to discuss if the vineyard was interested in repurposing their waste wood into fence posts.

Stu has been in the viticulture industry for 14 years and has been lucky enough to be involved in moving several vineyards to organics, as well as being part of company and industry level discussions around sustainability. He knows that the viticulture industry prides itself on being sustainable and is always looking for ways to lower their environmental impact.

We very quickly realised this was a solvable issue with a bit of Kiwi ingenuity; and that together we’d make a great team – REPOST was born. Stu’s knowledge and passion for the viticulture industry, sustainability and understanding of CCA timber waste issues is coupled with Greg’s understanding of farming and creativity and innovation in developing ways to process the wood.

We’re excited about the potential of REPOST to change one of the viticulture industries largest waste issues and create valuable recycled low-cost resources for Kiwis too. Being resourceful is second nature to Kiwis and the team hope REPOST’s sustainable fence posts makes as much sense to you as it does to them.


Greg Coppell and Stu Dudley

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We strive to be


Positively resourceful

We source, sort, renovate and repurpose wooden posts of all shapes and sizes. We’re proud to be a great example of Kiwi resourcefulness and ingenuity.



By turning discarded wood into re-usable resources, we’re hoping to help Kiwi businesses lessen their impact on the environment. We’re not quite turning the mountain in to a molehill but we’re keen to help.’



New Zealand’s waste problem needs innovation and everyone to pitch in. REPOST was born from us thinking outside the square and trying to get the job done.

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